SCEIS Central - Employee Self Service & Manager Self Service

The SAP self-service functionality for employees and managers will be implemented as a part of SCEIS for the State of South Carolina. This self-service functionality will be known as SCEIS Central, Powered by SCEIS. These applications will replace the existing eLeave application and manual time-recording procedures currently in use and will automate a number of paper-based HR and payroll processes.

State employees will have an easy and convenient way to update their personal information and manage work-related transactions. The system will be secure and available from any computer with an internet connection.

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Listed below are some of the key SCEIS Central related benefits that have been identified as a result of the SCEIS HR/Payroll implementation.

Protection of your Privacy and Personal Information

  • Your privacy will be protected with the introduction of an employee user ID that will serve as your unique identifier in the system. You will use this User ID and a password to log into SCEIS Central to view and maintain your personal data. Your Social Security number will no longer be required to access your payroll or human resources information on file with the State.
Employee Search Functionality
  • Using the “Employee Lookup” tile, you will be able to find other state employees’ office contact information, including e-mail addresses and work telephone numbers.
Updating Personal Data
  • In the “My Profile” tile you can view and change personal information online, including:
    • Home address
    • Telephone number
    • Emergency contact information
Viewing Pay and Benefits
  • In the “My Paystubs” tile you will be able to:
    • View and print current and past pay statements
    • Update W-4 information as needed
Entering Time and Leave Requests
  • In the “My Leave Requests” tile, you will be able to:
    • Record and submit your time worked for approval
    • Request leave and get approval from your manager
    • View your earned leave balances
Functional Highlights of SCEIS Central, Manager Self-Service (MSS)
  • Managers and supervisors will be able to do the following within the MSS tiles:
    • View employee attendance
    • Approve timesheets
    • Approve an employee’s leave request
    • Search for employee information (contact information, e-mail address)

Travel Management in SCEIS

  • Travel requests and reimbursements can be initiated in Employee Self-Service (ESS), replacing many forms currently processed
    • Meal and mileage amounts will be calculated in the system based on trip distance and start and end times. Manual calculations will no longer be required to ensure reimbursement.