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The SCEIS User Group is a user-run organization dedicated to optimizing the understanding, productive use, and advancement of the SCEIS system. The User Group mission is to achieve this vision by providing a forum for members to meet in groups or one-on-one to: 1) exchange ideas and best practices; 2) communicate mutual concerns; 3) learn from subject matter experts; and 4) work collaboratively to prioritize system enhancement needs and affect the evolution of SCEIS to the best advantage of system users.   

Participation in the SCEIS User Group is encouraged and open to all SCEIS users. To begin receiving SCEIS User Group communications, send an email request to .


Next SCEIS User Group Meeting:


Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Department of Health and Environmental Control 

Peeples Auditorium



2019 SCEIS User Group Meetings

Oct. 30, 2019

Agenda (169kb PDF)

July 24, 2019


Agenda (166kb PDF)

Yvette Sistare Presentation (755kb PDF)

Controllable Dollars Letter (97kb PDF)

Comptroller General's Office Materials

Presentation (620kb PDF)

Infotype 7 vs Infotype 8 Report Memo (63kb PDF)

ZHR_WSR_PAY_COMPARE Instructions (1548kb PDF)

Infotype  7 vs Infotype 8 Discrepancy Report Letter (48kb PDF)