2010 CO500, CO500A & CO500B Year-End Course Files

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CO500A Year-End Course for Grants Management Training Course

Complete Course Participant Guide: CO500A Year-End Course for Grants Management Training  (595kb PDF)


CO500B SCEIS Grants Management Update Workshop

Complete Course Participant Guide: CO500B SCEIS Grants Management Update Workshop  (1.2mb PDF)


CO500 Year-End Closing Process Training Course

Complete Course Participant Guide: CO500 Year-End Closing Process Training (5.1mb PDF)

Lesson 1: Understanding the Year-End Closing Process (451kb - PDF)

Lesson 2: Managing Carry Forward Processes (560kb - PDF)

Lesson 3: Purchasing Documents and the Procurement Processes (1.2mb - PDF)

Lesson 4: Managing Inventory Processes (478kb - PDF) 

Lesson 5: Managing Expenditures and Accounts Payable Processes (719kb - PDF)

Lesson 6: Managing Revenue and Accounts Receivable Processes (821kb - PDF)

Lesson 7: Procedure for Managing Budget (886kb - PDF)

Lesson 8: Managing Cash Status (607kb - PDF)

Lesson 9: General Accounting “Clean-Up” of Assets, Parked Documents, Funds Reservations, and more (1.2mb - PDF)

Lesson 10: Procedure for Managing Grants (473kb - PDF)

Lesson 11: Managing Cost Allocation (440kb - PDF)

Lesson 12:  Managing Project Systems (490kb - PDF)

Appendix A  (334kb - PDF)