Q:What are the plans for end-user training?

A:End users attend a series of classes and workshops, beginning with the Workforce Transition Workshops, which will outline the new processes and identify any associated change impacts.

In addition, all end users will attend the core curriculum, consisting of the SCEIS Overview, the SAP Overview, and SAP navigation. Further instructions and navigational materials will be incorporated during the process-based classes. Throughout the training, you can be assured of several major points:

  • All training materials and course content will be developed using our own SCEIS system and South Carolina processes and datasets.
  • End-users will be trained during the two-month period before their Go-Live date.
  • Classes will be process-based. That means each employee will take courses specific to the work he or she will perform in SCEIS.
  • Each course will last from a half-day to three days. An employee will need to take several courses, depending on his or her work assignments.
  • Almost all courses will be "hands-on," in computer labs, with one student per computer. The overview courses are presented in an auditorium.

Q:How will I know who should take which courses?

A:The program curriculum is organized according to learning "tracks." A track is a set of courses that focus on SAP processes which should be mastered by a specific end-user role or similar roles. A course will cover groups of related processes or modules.

To ensure that you attend the correct courses, your Agency Training Coordinator or Agency Lead will work with the SCEIS Organizational Change Management (OCM) team to verify and match the appropriate role or roles for each end-user. 

Q:How much of my staff's time will training require?

A:SCEIS operates very differently from legacy systems and from Microsoft Windows-based systems. Therefore, training will be detailed, and the amount of time required of any one employee will depend on the roles for which he or she must be trained