Q:When will my agency Go Live?

A:Phase 1A went live November 1, 2007, and Phase 1B went live April 7, 2008. For the additional rollout schedule, see the
list of proposed rollout groups. The composition of the proposed groups may be adjusted, as the Project Team and agency representatives further explore the business requirements within each agency.

Q:When will all rollout schedules be determined?


The proposed rollout schedule is available here. It is predicated on the concepts of "functional fit" and "broader scope." Business processes used in "functional fit" agencies correlate closely to existing functionality within the SCEIS production system. For agencies with broader business-function needs, additional development work may be required. All agency selections are based on agency needs, project capacities and functional fit.

The composition of the proposed groups may be adjusted, as the Project Team and agency representatives further explore the business requirements within each agency.

Q:Will Human Resources and Payroll roll-out dates be affected by the change in roll-out dates for Finance and Materials Management?

A: Initial roll-out dates for HR and Payroll are still being determined, but are projected for mid-2009.

Q:My agency is in a "later wave." How and when will I be notified of our required preparation activities?


Each agency has been asked to designate an "Agency Liaison," the one individual within your agency who is the point of contact between SCEIS and your agency. The Deployment team will contact your Liaison (also called a Deployment Lead) well ahead of your Go-Live date, to begin coordinating the many tasks required for your implementation.

During the months before your Go-Live, the SCEIS Change Management Team will be working very closely with you and your agency team to prepare.

Of course, you are welcome to participate in the project planning and development right now. Your involvement at the planning stage will help assure that South Carolina's system meets the needs of its agencies. To ask about participating now, send an email to

Q:How can I begin preparing for my agency's implementation?

A:If your agency is in the next group for implementation, the SCEIS Project Team and its Deployment Team have already been working with you. Wherever your agency stands in the rollout schedule, there are ways you and your agency can begin preparing for SCEIS:

Business process analysis: Where and how can you streamline and simplify your current business practices? SCEIS provides an ideal opportunity to leave bad habits behind -- and, in fact, that's part of where we'll achieve the considerable economy of the system.

Role evaluations: Access and use of SAP are "role-based" -- meaning that what you can see and do are determined by the "security roles" assigned to you. Who in your organization generates purchase orders? Who approves them? Who sends an order to a vendor? Each of those is a role, which may be performed by one person or several. You'll need to identify the roles performed by each SCEIS end-user in your agency. The Deployment team will help you complete this role-mapping, but you might find it useful to begin this evaluation early.

Data cleansing: Before you migrate data from your existing system to SCEIS, you need to correct typographical errors, remove redundant entries, clarify similar entries, and address other such data-cleansing tasks, as well as match your data fields to SAP fields. This is "hand-work," tedious but essential if you are to avoid uploading old problems into the new system. See the SCEIS Data Cleansing Guidelines (Word 131k). While the schedules mentioned in that document were specific for First-Wave agencies, the general principles and techniques apply to all implementations.

Technology infrastructure assessment: As you approach Go-Live, the Deployment team will work with you to evaluate your agency's technology readiness. Before that, however, you can begin determining which employees will need full-time access to a computer, and which ones will be able to share a workstation; where updated workstations will be needed; and whether your current internet access will meet your needs in the future.

Q:Can the number of licenses be increased if needed?

A:The license count will be updated before your Go Live date. Note, any change in license count will NOT affect your
Agency Implementation Cost (pdf 22 kb).

Even after Go Live, we know that your agency will occasionally need to change its license count, as you add or delete positions.

Q:Can my agency share licenses with other agencies?

A:User licenses can not be shared -- neither across agencies nor within an agency. Each user will need his or her own license.

Q:How do I access the SCEIS Help Desk?

A:Send an email to Or telephone (803) 896-0001 (select option 1 for SCEIS help). Please include as much information as possible -- the document number, or images of error messages, for instance.

Q:How do I send an image of an error message?

A:With the error message showing on screen, press Alt and the Print-Screen key together. Then open an email message, click in the text area, and press Ctrl-V (or >Edit >Paste) to paste the error message.