Finance Functionalities

Q:How do I access the SCEIS Help Desk?

A:Send an email to Or telephone (803) 896-0001 (select option 1 for SCEIS help). Please include as much information as possible -- the document number, or images of error messages, for instance.

Q:What Grants Management functionalities will I have?

A:SAP includes several modules addressing Grants Management. In Finance, SCEIS has implemented the Finance/FI, Controlling/CO, Funds Management/FM and Grants Management/GM modules.

The GM module captures financial data from the sponsor's (grantor's) perspective. It allows business areas to: 

  • Capture sponsored programs (i.e., track two or more subcomponents of a single grant separately, or track two or more grants together), and,
  • Capture sponsored classes (i.e., group general ledger accounts (object codes) in the grantor's budget lines).

If agencies properly establish each data object when grants are entered in SCEIS, information for grant reporting will be easily accessible.

For the First Wave agencies, there is relatively little grants involvement. The Finance Team is increasing GM functionality as they work toward subsequent waves, to support agencies that have more complex grants-management needs.

Q:I don't have a clear picture of data hierarchy. What elements are "derived" from other elements?

A:Derivation rules are under development now. For now, you should start becoming familiar with the master data objects and the related mapping from the legacy systems, and across SAP modules. The Finance Team calls this Finance Integration, and there will be multiple presentations of this information.

Q:Can I upload a FY budget and make changes in authorizations during the fiscal year?

A:The initial legal basis budget will be uploaded into SAP, as it is done now in STARS. Live agencies will have the option to allocate (push budget down) to more levels. The requirements for appropriation transfers will remain the same; requests will workflow to the Office of State Budget for live agencies.