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Work Schedule Rules

SCEIS Work Schedule Rules - (1.08mb XLS) 

Work Schedule Rules Policy Notice - (46kb PDF)


Data Load Templates – MySCLearning

Class Registration Data Load Template (35kb XLSX)

Curricula Assignment Data Load Template (36kb XLSX)

Instructor Data Load Template (54kb XLSX)

Learning Assignment Data Load Template (38kb XLSX)

Learning Event Data Load Template (42kb XLSX)

Question Data Load Template (54kb XLSX)

Quiz Data Load Template (47kb XLSX) 

Task Data Load Template (38kb XLSX)

User Data Load Template (83kb XLSX)



Data Load Templates – Organizational Management (OM)

Internal Titles Data Load Template - (20kb XLSX)

HRP1000 Org Unit Short and Long Text Department Field Template.xls - (199kb XLS)

IT9001 Workers' Compensation Field Load Template - (121kb XLS)

IT9001 Work Unit Field Load Template - (121kb XLS)

Telecommuting Data Load Template - (50kb XLS)



Data Load Templates – Personnel Administration (PA)

Company Housing Addresses Batch Load Template - (38kb PDF)

Drivers' License Batch Load Template - (47kb PDF)

Employee Addresses and Emergency Contact Data Load Template - (27kb XLSX)

Employee Salary Adjustments Batch Load Template - (52kb XLS)

EPMS Load Template - (28kb XLSX)

EPMS - Remove Successful by Default Rating Template  - (32kb XLS)

IT0022 Education Data Load Template - (33kb XLSX)

IT0041 Dates Data Load Template - (29kb XLSX)

IT0105 Communication Template - (33kb XLS)

IT0795 Certifications and Licensure Data Template - (35kb XLSX)

Monitoring of Tasks Data Load Template - (48kb XLS)

PA0014 Furlough Template - (60kb XLS)

This spreadsheet was developed in response to a number of inquiries the SCEIS Team received from agencies related to processing furloughs. You may use this spreadsheet to provide the SCEIS Team with pay adjustment data for furloughed employees. We will load the data directly into the system, eliminating the need for you to key furlough changes for each employee in your agency. Please review the instructions on the spreadsheet carefully before returning it to be sure you have provided all the required information.  Please keep in mind that you must submit a completed template in advance of the effective date that the deductions will be processed by payroll as part of the furlough program.

You may submit completed PA0014 Furlough Templates to the SCEIS Help Desk. Given the sensitive nature of this information, you may contact the SCEIS Help Desk or a member of the HR/Payroll team to coordinate an alternative method of electronic delivery of this information.


Data Load Templates – Payroll (PY)





Data Load Templates – Time Management (TM)

Hazardous Weather Comp Time Load Template - (85kb XLS)

Hazardous Weather Emerg CATS Load Template - (41kb XLS)

Holiday Comp Time Validity Extension Load Template - (38kb XLS) 

IT2012 Time Transfer Flag Load Template - (46kb XLS)

IT0007 Work Schedule Rules Batch Load Template  - (42kb XLS) 


HR/Payroll Reporting Tools

Listing of all SCEIS HR/Payroll Reports Available in ECC and BW - (428kb PDF)  

HR/Payroll Reports by Role (74kb XLS)

Listing of Key Reports for Payroll Processing  - (33kb XLS)

SCEIS Agency Payroll Checklist - (114kb PDF)



Other HR/Payroll Tools

Listing of Key Wage Types in SCEIS - (52kb XLS)

Listing of Approved HR/Payroll Infotypes in SCEIS - (35kb XLS)

Enterprise Structure Handout - (605kb XLS) 

Time Management Conversion - Agency Instructions - (1.1mb XLS) 




Nakisa User Guide (833kb PDF)

Human Resources Module Flyer - (120kb PDF) 

Payroll Administration Module Flyer - (107kb - PDF)  

Time Management Module Flyer - (119kb PDF)